Startup Rocket helps entrepreneurs build better companies

Along with my partners at Prota Ventures, I’m excited to announce today the public launch of Startup Rocket, a service that helps early stage entrepreneurs ideate, validate, create, grow, and fund new ventures.

Startup Rocket provides a comprehensive operations framework, a collaborative online coaching tool, personalized coaching, and a ton of helpful resources for every step of a new entrepreneur’s journey.

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Hundreds of beta tests have already used (and helped us refine) the service, and now we’re ready to open it up to the world. 

Coaching that helps new founders see the playing field and ask the right questions

Most videos, podcasts, and articles about startup life are written in retrospect. That is, they are usually produced by a founder that is well past their first round of funding; or they are written by an investor that has been out of the operator seat for awhile. 

These kind of articles can be helpful, of course, but even better is to get coaching from active entrepreneurs that have both been there and are currently doing that (i.e. launching ventures in various pre-funded and bootstrapping states).  

In other words, new founders often get lost in the startup publishing chaos because authors tend to lack empathy for the very-early-stage grind. Pre-traction, pre-product, pre-team, or even pre-idea entrepreneurs don’t know what they don’t know, and need help seeing things within a framework. This helps founders focus on what matters: building their team, creating their product, and acquiring customers based on the principles of how successful founders have done it before.

Venture-building studios provide a unique coaching perspective 

Prota Ventures actively uses the Startup Rocket framework and collaborative web app within our portfolio companies. We’re literally in the same game with Startup Rocket’s customers. This allows us to have a fresh perspective, constantly update our recommended resources and coaching tips, and empathize in real-time with the founders we work with. 

I’d encourage you to jump in and check out the service. Take a look at the recommended resources, operational framework, and investor/founder endorsements

If you have questions, check out our FAQ, and you can always reach us at

Author’s note: check out our in-process book project that covers our recommended operational framework for new founders. To stay updated with the latest articles, sign up for a Startup Rocket account or feel free to subscribe to my newsletter and I’ll keep you posted. Thanks!

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Startup Rocket

We help entrepreneurs ideate, validate, create, grow, and fund new ventures.

Based on decades of startup experience, our team has developed a comprehensive operations framework, a collaborative online tool, and a personalized coaching experience to help take your business to the next level.

We'll email you as soon as more spots become available in our private beta.