Introducing the Startup Rocket Framework

August 17, 2016

Based on decades of experience ideating, validating, creating, growing, and funding startups (from both sides of the table), my partners and I are developing a framework to help entrepreneurs with the first critical steps of their journey.

Our goal is to help founders build upon the traditional business plan and ideation tools out there to focus on executing what matters: acquiring and retaining happy, paying customers.

To practically support new founders as best as possible, we’ve baked this framework into a collaborative online tool (currently in private beta) and a comprehensive book project.

As you can imagine, each step of the framework has a significant number of sub-steps and talking points to leverage industry best-practices.

Here are some highlights: 

Startup Rocket

We help entrepreneurs ideate, validate, create, grow, and fund new ventures.

Based on decades of startup experience, our team has developed a comprehensive operations framework, a collaborative online tool, and a personalized coaching experience to help take your business to the next level.

We'll email you as soon as more spots become available in our private beta.